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Multi-Carry Bike Basket Pet Carrier

by PetAmi

Easy handlebar installation sets up in minutes with no tools necessary. This foldable multi-use pet carrier can be used as a front basket for bike, pet backpack carrier, cross shoulder pet carrier, and pet car seat depending on your needs.

* Functional: Multiple pockets, poop bag dispenser, and a reinforced bottom

* Safe and Secure: Reflective front strap, interior safety strap, adjustable top drawstring mesh top, bike handle safety strap

* Sherpa Bedding: Solid base is also a Sherpa bed to keep your furry friend nice and comfortable

* Well Ventilated: Mesh top and front window for plenty of airflow and outside view for pet

* Added Back Support: Padded shoulder straps, back cushion, adjustable chest buckle straps Product Specs

* Material: Polyester

* Measures: 11" x 9" x 12" (L x W x H)

* Weight Limit: 18 lbs

Note: Please measure your pet before purchasing.